Yar-har, fiddle-de-dee, you are a pirate.

My stuff

My hackery (or rather attempts at) can be found at my bitbucket profile. A collection of loosely useful tidbits.

Others' stuff

I enjoy reading technical stuff, such as: Paul Graham's essays; Programming in the 21st Century; Lambda Papers; The Pragmatic Programmer; and my SICP book has just arrived. I also enjoy reading non-technical stuff. Recently I have read: The Dark Tower series; Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel; and the Millennium series.

My favourite musicians are (in no particular order): Elliott Smith, Sam Cooke, Lior, Pat Kirtley, John Martyn, Bob Fox, et al. One musician I'm particularly enjoying is the relatively unknown Emily Bishop.


Not that you would ever want to talk to me, but if you should for some unimaginable reason desire to do so, you can find me at m@iammark.us. You can find my public key here.


I am Markus. I enjoy reading papers and articles on computer science.

I enjoy hacking. I especially enjoy reading about hacking. I hope one day to be a good hacker, an ethical hacker. I'm also interested in Free Software. I do not think the things we own should in turn own us. Software that restricts your freedom is unethical software. I'm not completely realizing this ideology - it's difficult to go from meat eater to vegan in one step. I'll get there, both to freedom and veganism.

Other things not totally unrelated to hacking that I enjoy are: playing (mainly finger-style, celtic) guitar; and listening to music and sailing. I am also learning German and Portuguese in my spare time (i.e., when I can be bothered).

We are going to conjur our spirits in a magical language called LISP

My editor of choice is Emacs!


BEncode for Scheme is a library I am writing for Scheme (Chicken) that can encode and decode the BitTorrent encoding format.

Totem plugin: Hide Pointer. You're probably thinking why aren't you using VLC? No reason. I just like Totem; however, I don't like that it doesn't hide my pointer when I'm watching some movie. Thankfully, Totem is totally tackable! Here is an hours worth of fumbling through Totem and Gtk+'s documentation and 10 minutes of hacking together some Python. Good job!


You can find my home directory here, where I will keep tips/hacks/interesting stuff for my convenience (and maybe yours).